mardi 24 janvier 2012

Les militaires chinois frappent le fer tant qu'il est chaud

Un adage Marocain "Frappe le fer tant qu'il est chaud", est le slogan militaire au pays de la chine. On a pu voir un sous-genre évolué d'indigène passant entre eux une grenade active pendant une session d'entrainement militaire. LEVEL: Asian.

Digne des plus grand mangas d'action:

Nous, chez MaxoSurf, on aime copier puis taper du Ctrl+V les descriptions des vidéos:

Military training is an intense business, involving discipline, precision, and reserves of courage that can be called upon in the midst of battle.

But for soldiers undergoing training in the People's Liberation Army of China that's taken to a whole different level -- as one of their exercises involves a life-and-death game of 'hot potato' with a live grenade.

Incredible video footage shows Chinese troops stationed in Hong Kong passing around the live explosive from one soldier to the next until the last one finally throws it in the hole.

The soldiers then leap out of the way before it explodes, covering their heads for protection.
The clip shows them again doing the exercise, standing around a large hole.

Each soldier deliberately takes the explosives in both hands and twists slightly at the torso before handing it off to the next soldier.

The last soldier to hold the grenade must make sure it lands on the pond-side of the hole, a decidedly difficult task given the circumstances.

All soldiers then leap to the ground as the C4 detonates, sending piles of dirt and dust into the air.

The exercise is just one of many used by the PLA.

As with militaries across the world, the PLA instil their soldiers with specialised skills and advanced training.

The video shows the soldiers shooting flags that unfurl when shot, firing missiles and rifles, and leaping through flaming hoops.

The PLA was founded in 1927 during the Nanchang Uprising as they fought against the Nationalist Party of China's anti-communist purges and has nearly three million members.

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